La Nueva Conciencia Cósmica

Muy pocos apreciamos el verdadero poder de la mente

Si esperamos a liberarnos del miedo hay algunas cosas que antes tenemos la necesidad de comprender y de aprender plenamente.

La mente es tan poderosa que jamás pierde su fuerza creativa, ella nunca duerme y esta creando continuamente.

En el Cielo desconocen el perdón, ya que al ser Una-Mente, no existe separación alguna, porque no hay división posible; por tanto no pueden juzgar y condenar porque de lo contrarío se estaría juzgando a si mismo.

El Cielo es, entre otras cosas, Mentalidad-Uno.

Todo está en la Mente y nada puede habitar fuera de ella, ya que la mente es el agente activador o – de la Principal Fuente que es el Espíritu.

La mente con mayúsculas es el equivalente al AMOR – CIELO – VERDAD; la mente con minúsculas se refiere a un agente de decisiones que se toman en el mundo del habitado por el ego.

Somos libres de escoger lo que queramos, podemos escoger alinear nuestras mentes con el Espíritu o no. Pero sólo alcanzaremos ese estado de cambio si somos capaces de deshacer el ego, y para ello, necesitamos una mente con voluntad propia de darle la vuelta a una situación que se desató, que nos mantiene separados y en lucha continua con uno mismo, en estado de culpa o buscando un culpable y entonces quien nos domina es el tiempo, ese tiempo que nos hace vivir en in-armonía y sin paz interior.

Una mentalidad recta, no es una Mentalidad-Uno, sin embargo, si es un estado de la conciencia al que tenemos que llegar primero para que la Mentalidad-Uno sea re-instaurada.

¡No sirvas a dos amos! Cambia tu mente y cambiará tu Vida.

¡Perdónate!, por haber vivido en una mente minúscula y tu vida se verá recompensada.

Nadie te juzgó, no te condenes tú a vivir con resignación y a servir al amo equivocado.

Escrito por nuestro socio y director de la sede de HEIA en Valencia.

KALI, the Angry Goddess

I once dated a guy that told me he was trying to get to the light by crossing the darkness. At that point in time he was sleeping around on me and I thought it was a shitty excuse for his actions. Now, years later, it totally makes sense and I’ve come to realize he was right. It’s impossible to understand who we really are if we don’t face our own darkness and heal it.

Truly coming into the light means making peace with all the darkness that is inside us and letting it go. Is it be possible to do it without going through it? I suppose anything is possible, if you are lucky enough not to have it pull you under. If you are lucky enough to stay above it, removed, detached- but I believe that this way, you may never fully let it go and so you will ultimately always have a shadow that can surface whenever you least expect it.

This year, 2016, we are witnessing a lot of social darkness surface worldwide, but especially in the U.S. and in countries of conflict. It can be quite scary, but I honestly believe it is all coming up for healing. If the broken pieces don’t surface then they can never be fully mended.  This is what the Goddess Kali is all about. Kali was born out of anger.

Durga, by Veronica Leandrez

Durga, a motherly diety, became so enraged that the rage burst forth from her head as a another fully-formed diety -Kali- who went wild, eating all the demons she found on her path. So that’s exactly how our own inner darkness can burst forth- from rage. What we do with that rage will either destroy us or destroy our demons, depending on how we channel it. At other times, rage which we suppress or maintain hidden can inadvertently burst forth on us from external forces, who are really just mirroring the rage we have hidden from ourselves.

In Kundalini yoga, there is a kriya that can be practiced to release inner anger. Most people who are alive today are holding on to some deep-seeded anger… why is that, you ask? Well, because most people alive today have lived many lifetimes, and the sorrow, pain, injustice, etc… can still be stuck in there somewhere in our energetic field, waiting to be purged.  All those things which go un-dealt with remain in our akashic records and we carry them around for as long as necessary to learn the lessons they each hold.

Another good way to release anger is through forgiveness. There’s also an ancient Hawaiian technique to heal through forgiveness called the Ho’O’pono pono. It requires only that we utter these four simple phrases whenever we come into any sort of conflict with anyone:

“I am sorry.”  “Please forgive me.”  “Thank You.”  “I love you”



Teaching Locally, Networking Globally

Being an english teacher abroad means being a foreigner with different ideas on how to do things. It isn’t always easy to separate what you believe from the lesson at hand. So in the end, our children’s teachers are teaching them more than just math and history. I find that it is important to maintain connection to a global network as we work on «changing the world, one student at a time».

I am currently teaching in a town of 27,000 residents. After living in cities with millions of people this can seem a bit claustrophobic at times. So I find comfort in having a network of global support from other educators, healers and activists. I also find it extremely important to travel and connect with peers through workshops and retreats. With time, this project (HEIA) will grow, right now it is still a small seed pushing it’s way to opening. Right now, the important thing is teaching, with a new consciousness, with an open heart and mind. Here are my amazing and smallest yoga students. 



The Furies Revenge

The Roman Furies are mythological creatures whom the Ancient Romans called upon to take revenge for horrible acts committed against them or their families. I painted the Furies after returning to a Post-Katrina New Orleans in 2006. Where I found myself in a lawless cities where police were scarce and not to be trusted. It was a rough city before that, with staggering crime rates, but in the time immediately after the flood, New Orleans had become the perfect breeding ground for people to do horrible things and get away with them. Like many other women, I was drugged and rapped by a local bartender in the French Quarter that year. I turned to my yoga practice, my karate training and my art to process the event. For years afterwards I fought the fantasies of beating the shit out of him every time I crossed him in the street.

Flyers went up in the French Quarter around that same time accusing him of being a sexual predator but the gossip in the neighborhood was that it was only some mad girl’s slandering. It made me so angry that people would rather defend the rapist than believe the victim who had courageously posted those flyers near the bar where he worked in order to warn other girls. When friends gossiped to me about the horrible slandering that was happening to him «Poor guy, we have to take the flyers down if we see them», I felt the courage to defend the nameless victim by telling them my own personal account – it had happened to me too. But even my own friends, upon hearing my personal account of the situation found a way to defend him. In their mind, it just couldn’t be true because he was such a well-liked member of  the tight-knit community in the famous New Orleans French Quarter. I feel compelled to publicly post about this because unfortunately 1 out of 3 women in the world will be physically of sexually assaulted at some point in her life. It is a serious global problem in our society. How can anyone believe a person would be willing to lie about such a serious thing? Maybe some do, obviously, because in this world, there is room for everything to exist, but considering how hard it is to come forth about this type of crime, how shameful and dirty the victim feels… it is a courageous act, so please, don’t deny the person the benefit of the doubt. Don’t invalidate their story right to their face.

I would like to take a moment to make a social cry out to please not take lightly when someone says they have been violated by someone else, even if the accused appears to be a «decent» human with lots of friends and good attributes. It’s a well-known fact that sociopaths often disguise themselves as charming, well-liked people to be able to perpetrate their heinous acts.  Of course, not all acts of violence against women are committed by sociopaths, but we can all agree that if it was your sister, your mother or your daughter, you would want her to speak out about it and you would want to believe her.


Mul Mantra: Más allá del Destino

En la mitología Griega, hay unas diosas llamadas las Morais cuyo trabajo se decía que era repartir el destino a cada persona. Se solían representar en el arte como tejedoras, una giraba el hilo, otra lo media y la tercera lo cortaba. El hilo representaba nuestra vida y lo que nos toca vivir.

«The Three Fates» 2007

La idea de que somos víctimas de nuestro destino nunca me ha gustado mucho y decidí pintarlas como parte de mi serie de Diosas y para demostrar lo poco que me gustaba la idea de que la vida fuera pre-destinada, decidí ejercer un acto simbólico de eliminarlas de la serie. En la apertura de la exposición, invite a la gente advirtiendoles de que durante la fiesta, escogería un cuadro para destruir en frente del publico y que si adivinaban cual era antes de el momento del acto, lo salvarían. Algunos no se creían de que fuese capaz de destruir una de mis propias obras. Otros me rogaban que no destruyese ninguno. Incluso una de las modelos me llamó el día del evento para saber si podría ser el que ella había posado y pedirme que no lo hiciera. Antes de hacerlo les explique mis motivos, yo lo veía como un acto simbólico sobre el derecho de la mujer a abortar. Muchas mujeres a lo largo de la historia han tenido que ser madres al haberse quedado embarazadas y porque la sociedad les decía que era lo que debían hacer.  Aun con mi explicación ante el publico, nadie averiguó cual era el cuadro. Las cogí de la pared donde estaban colgadas, las tire al suelo y les eche un cubo de 10 kilos de pintura blanca encima, mientras tocaba una banda de jazz y el publico me miraba asombrado y perplejo.

Pero, como puedo estar segura si lo que hice era o no una acto ya predestinado? Seguí dudando y cuestionando si en realidad tenemos libre albedrío hasta unos años después, cuando falleció mi padre y mi vida cambio por completo y llegue a entender que estaba escrito en mi carta astral que seria así. A lo largo de mis estudios descubrí que pueden manifestarse cosas en nuestras vidas a las que ya hemos aceptado o pactos que hemos echo incluso antes de nacer. Aun así, tenemos la oportunidad de aceptarlas o rechazarlas una vez se presentan en nuestras vidas. Si no queremos aceptar el destino o el karma que se nos ha antepuesto, siempre tenemos la opción de cambiarlo, pero no siempre es fácil de hacerlo, y cada decision tiene sus repercusiones.

Es aquí donde el poder  de la consistencia y de los mantras nos puede ayudar.

Dentro de cada uno de nosotros residen las semillas de cada uno de nuestros karmas, o las energias de nuestros actos pasados. Algunas situaciones nos gustaran mas que otras, pero como eliminar los peores de los karmas que arrastramos para poder hacer una vida aun mejor de la que nos esta predestinada? Simplemente, cambiando nuestra frecuencia para que no nos afecte ese destino. Toda energía es vibratoria. Si vibramos a otra frecuencia, ya no tenemos porque manifestar nuestro destino. Suena fácil? Pues no es tan fácil como mover una varita mágica pero si es posible. Uno de los mantras que se dice que tiene este poder de cambiar el destino es el Mul Mantra, o el Mantra de la Raíz.

Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam, Karta Purkh, Nirbao Nirvair,

Akal Moorat, Ajoonee, Saibhung Gur Prasad, Jap!

Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Hai Bhee Such, Nanak Hosee Bhee Such.

No hace falta saber lo que se dice para que tenga efecto, pero es curioso:

Un creador. Su nombre es Verdad. Hacedor de todo. Sin miedo. Sin venganza. Imperecedero. Nonato. Auto-iluminado. Regalo del Maestro- Medíte!

Cierto a través de todas las épocas, incluso ahora. Es siempre Verdad.