Teaching Locally, Networking Globally

Teaching Locally, Networking Globally

Being an english teacher abroad means being a foreigner with different ideas on how to do things. It isn’t always easy to separate what you believe from the lesson at hand. So in the end, our children’s teachers are teaching them more than just math and history. I find that it is important to maintain connection to a global network as we work on «changing the world, one student at a time».

I am currently teaching in a town of 27,000 residents. After living in cities with millions of people this can seem a bit claustrophobic at times. So I find comfort in having a network of global support from other educators, healers and activists. I also find it extremely important to travel and connect with peers through workshops and retreats. With time, this project (HEIA) will grow, right now it is still a small seed pushing it’s way to opening. Right now, the important thing is teaching, with a new consciousness, with an open heart and mind. Here are my amazing and smallest yoga students. 




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