Time is an illusion

Time is an illusion

«Time is an illusion. Time does not exist.»

Time is a construct of this dimension of existence. We are in the physical dimension and if you don’t understand the true nature of time then you are constantly trying to put everything in a neat little boxes and cataloging all the events into a sequence and a story which makes sense to you.

In reality, every “now” moment is built upon an agreed set of circumstances and interpreted by our personal experiences. Our personal experiences make up the belief systems we carry in our energy “field” and they are based on what we say has happened in our lives.


The way the multiverse works is that there are so many, in fact, infinite versions of what is happening in every “now”


So we construct our life by stringing together those moments into a story. That construct creates the basis of our reality. If you change that construct by letting go of limiting beliefs, by letting go of the past hurts and the stories that you tell yourself about you and what has happened to you and about how the world is; then you immediately change the vibrational frequency of your present experience and literally change your reality.

Ok, this may be difficult to grasp so lets, look at it from another angle…

Every now moment is made up of a unique frequency yet we string them together to make sense of it as «the passing of time». So if we can align ourselves with each moment in an optimum capacity, without judgement and limiting beliefs, we can literally change what that sequence of events begins to looks like. Our reality mirrors our belief systems about ourselves and our world.

The way the multiverse works is that there are so many, in fact, infinite versions of what is happening in every “now” moment but we can only align ourselves with the one that most resonates with out on-going story line. We simply align ourselves with the version that is closest to our belief construct.

This is precisely why meditation is so important and why storytelling is indeed an Art. If you observe your thoughts, you can discern what is the underlying emotion/thought/belief creating each “now” moment, in the process, slowing down the amount of thoughts and the intervals by which thoughts are forming so you can better observe the “now” and better discern which reality/story you are aligning yourself with.

Stories are everywhere! But which we choose to believe literally create our reality.

This is why the old saying “history is written by the winners” is technically true because those who control the collective stories we all believe are the ones controlling our reality. This is what the movie “The Matrix” is about. Except there isn’t just a blue pill and a red pills, there are infinite pills! Different collectives are fighting for your attention in order to sell you their story of what Earth is about and if you don’t build the discernment to choose your reality, you are literally letting others direct your life for you. In this so-called Age of (Dis)information, what we really have to be aware of is which truth we are a aligning with in every moment. If we want to be Free, we must have the discernment to choose our reality construct. Don’t let yourselves be fooled into a paradigm of enslavement. Change your story. By changing your personal story and choosing to tell a different story about your life and your world we will be building the New Earth. Now is the time. Peace. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti.

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