Choosing your child’s activities based on their birth chart

Choosing your child’s activities based on their birth chart

Every parent wants to have a brilliant and talented child, and often parents choose activities for them based on their own interests or what they would have wanted for themselves («Oh look at how cute she dances, we should put her in dance classes!»). It is true that children should be exposed to an array of educational activities, but let’s face it, you can’t sign them up to everything! It also true that when a child is old enough to form their personality that they will probably let you know what they like. Sometimes after enduring years of violin lessons and parents spending hundreds on expensive instruments only to find out they hated it and now they never want to pick up a violin again.

More and more, child development studies are showing that the earlier children are exposed to educational activities the more they excel at them later in life, and that these early activities help to solidify their brain development for attaining other useful skills needed in adulthood. Nowadays, you can pretty much sign up your kid to anything you can think of from as early as 3 years old. But how to choose an activity before their ready to decide if they like it?

I am a teacher and I will confess that I have been in classes with young students who were being forced to come do a particular activity by their parents. Somedays, those kids were barely paying attention and obviously wondering how long before they could go home. If we don’t enjoy something, we aren’t going to get much out of it. So, how do you tell a parent, «Hey, your kid just doesn’t like coming to dance class, I think you’re wasting your money.» No business owner/teacher is going to do that! And honestly, it’s just not fair to the kid or the teacher.

So why not use astrology to find out what inclinations your child has before s/he even knows them? Why not look at the birth chart to find out what areas your child naturally excels at? As an astrologer, and an educator, I find it really interesting to know the birthdates of my students so I can map out patterns of which signs are more likely to do which activities. As a mother, I recently started looking at my child’s birth chart to figure out what activities she’s going to enjoy the most and possibly excel at. So I wanted to offer up this idea to other parents out there who may be inclined to having a bit of guidance when choosing how to spend their money on their child’s education. Because we all want talented and gifted children, but above all, we should want happy children.

There are tons of websites were you can receive a computer generated astrological analysis, but if you want to find one specifically geared towards kids, check out Many astrologers, including myself, have been using this site to do calculations and they have a section of free horoscopes anyone can use. Look for the Free Horoscope section and find the «Child’s Horoscope» and the «Children and Young People Report». If this doesn’t particularly clue you in to any potential activities for you kids, try getting an actual person to read the chart for you. You can contact me for a birth chart report for your child (or you!) here on our web or shoot me an email at I’d be glad to help.








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